Class notes: 3 October, 2019

Physical representation of information

For the purposes of this class we’re looking at physical representation of information over time at a small scale.  Think tabletop or handheld representations.

Some examples:

  • vibration: usually done with “tactors” but also a feature of mobile devices and handheld devices.  Mobile phones can vibrate, some tools for electronics vibrate as a way of sending notification.
  • thumps and pokes:  using motion from a solenoid or servo to relay information with pressure or tapping motions
  • temperature: peltier pads (what we use to cool CPUs and GPUs) that can heat/cool, flowing water or air that is heated or cooled.  Electric heaters or coolers are probably too complex for this class.  Dry ice is another option but can be hazardous to work with.
  • symbols: Braille terminals

Adam Savage’s DIY costume cooling vest for cosplay and a commercial alternative.

Physical representation of information over time

Using motion over time

  • signal encodings of language: Morse code
  • pattern recognition: what motion feels like walking? Running? Being happy or sad?
  • meaning is generated by content that changes over time
  • School for Poetic Computation

Coaching vs. grading

Think  about coaching, providing good feedback and encouragement to take a positive action.

Example: sports trainer that monitors your HR, BP, breathing rate, and hydration and knows your training course.  It encourages you to do better instead of punishing you for not doing enough.

Example: music “coach” that helps you learn to perform music. Watches your body and helps you correct form/posture.  Reminds you that you are always performing, even when you’re just practicing a scale or an etude.

Alice Miller’s “For Your Own Good“, a criticism arguing that we replace the pedagogy of punishment  with support for learning, using the German pedagogy that gave rise to support of fascism as one study.

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