Morphing Matter

I was reminded of this today upon seeing Ghalya’s smart flower.

Dr. Lining Yao is right here on campus, where she runs the Morphing Matter Lab. In the video below from Google Design (9 minutes in) she demonstrates a flower printed to self fold into a flower. And then later she shows materials that morph when exposed to moisture (16 minutes in), and even later a soft robotic bunny that has tendons that actuate to hug you (29 minutes in). I recommend watching the whole video!

Lining Yao

Author: Matt Franklin

I'm a recovering engineer + sales guy... BSEE from UMD 2004, and then 15 years of working with signal processing, AV, control systems, networking, and other gadgetry (mostly B2B). Now I'm in the Master of Human-Computer Interaction program, graduating in August 2020. I have pretty solid experience with: - Linux - audio - video - rs232/422/485/midi/dmx protocols - sketchup and other cad tools - soldering - music (mostly guitar, but others too) - general troubleshooting - networking (wired + wireless) - signal processing - streaming video/audio - python I have some experience with or am mediocre at: - woodworking - welding - laser cutting - sewing - reverse engineering - ML (none really but I'm currently in a class) - some javascript - rusty with C++ and Java, but used to be decent - tube amplifiers - RF

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