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Chance and I went to Bricolage Production Company’s latest creation, Project Amelia, tonight. It’s “a next-level immersive theater experience that invites you to the R&D lab of Aura, one of the world’s most innovative tech giants, to participate in the launch of a groundbreaking intelligence product like no other.” Their words, not mine. It’s a cool take on traditional theater with lots of clever uses of simple interactive devices that we could make for this class. You wear an RFID tag bracelet throughout the show to interact with various games and demos that are aimed at teaching guests about the power of artificial intelligence. The show runs for a few more weeks, so check it out!

Project Amelia


I'm Conor and I'm a 2nd-year grad student at the Entertainment Technology Center. I got my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering (with minors in Design and Psychology) from the University of Notre Dame. I am really interested in theme park design, experience design and integrating physical components into XR experiences. I have some Arduino programming experience (it's been a few years), have designed different experiences for ADA compliance, and have full use of the ETC woodshop.

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