Assignment 6: Physical Smoke Detector


Rabbit Laser Cutters have dark UV protective paneling to protect users from being exposed to bright, potentially vision damaging light. However, laser cut peices can begin smoking, and even catch fire. This presents a problem, how can user respond to fire and smoke events?


A visibility detection system paired with a motor would allow users to be afforded of an incoming smoke or fire issue by detecting drastic increases or decreases in visibility. The visibility detection system would be placed inside the laser cutter, while the motor would be attached to a wearable device, or atop the laser cutter to bump into it repeatedly in different patterns, creating different noises based on the situation and vibrations on the user’s person.

Proof of Concept

A series of temperature sensors would serve as the detection system. It would sense whether there was obstructed vision, either being too bright, signifying a fire, or too dim, signifying smoke. A solenoid would tap in a slow pattern to signify smoke, and tap in a hurried, frantic pattern to signify fire. The solenoid would be either attached to a wearable device, or attached atop the cutter itself, to tap against the machine and make noise, signifying to the user to press the emergency stop.


Assignment_6 2

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