Adapting Morse Code for the Blind


Morse code is commonly received through either visual or audible feedback; however, this can be challenging for those who are blind, deaf, or both. Additionally, I had next to no experience using hardware interrupts on Arduino, so I wanted to find a good application of interrupts for this assignment.

Proposed Solution:

I wanted to create a system that allows morse code senders to quickly adapt their messages into signals that people without sight or hearing can understand. To do this, I created two physical button inputs—the first button directly controls an LED (but could easily be a buzzer) that is used to send the morse code signal; the second button toggles a vibrating motor to buzz in conjunction with the LED. In this way, one can change the message being send from purely visual to both visual and tactile at any time.

Proof of concept:


Arduino Code and Fritzing Sketch


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