Class notes: 22 October, 2019

Kinetic Input/Output

The Demo”, showing off the mouse, chord keyboard, and social media.

Accessibility / Inclusion

Microsoft’s Inclusion and a PDF copy of their book.

What is accessible?

Are 30mm arcade buttons are accessible? Do they simply nterrupt or do they provide constant state?  Are the buttons convex or concave?  How high are the guards around the buttons?  If you want to use Universal Design, how do you decide how big the button should be and where it’s located?

What is wrong with the E-Stop button in A10?

  • Unlit
  • Recessed button “hidden” in a guard
  • No signage on the wall like we have with fire extinguishers

Are controls like buttons the wrong answer?  Is better output the way to go?

tactile maps

presentation of research data on tactile map comparison

tactile graphics using “swell paper”

3d printing reference objects for the blind — what does a snowflake look like?  A butterfly?  A sailboat?


Kinetic crit on 29 Oct.  Thursday office hours + Thursday class is a work day.

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