Crit 2: Key Fob Reminder System


The blind and memory impaired can often have issues remembering small objects.  Keys, phones, and wallets are all easily misplaced items. Forgetting commonplace but important items can be especially frustrating and cause issues for people, especially if the behavior is repeated.


A system that relies on RFID tags embedded in a keychain or fob can remind users if they left there devices on tables as they were leaving the house, as well as causing the device to ping when approaching household points of entry when needing a key, would afford users as to where there common household items were during. Items can become “lost” or misplaced even in book bags, and this system would allow for the user to feel a distinct “ping” for each device.


Proof of Concept:

A system of RFIDs that signify whether a user is exiting or entering a common entrance would allow the reminder system to ping both the user and the device, and allowing the user to manually ping keys by pressing a button and triggering a dime motor.


Author: Warren Glasner

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