Assignment 07: Control(play/pause) music through gestures


For this assignment, I focused on gesture interaction – which is my current interest – and I thought that gesture interaction has powerful strengths compared to others. It is fast and quiet. Also, it overcomes physical distance so that we could control things without actually touching them.

I came up with a situation when we are listening to music through a speaker or watching TV, we become difficult to hear other sounds. When someone calls us or other situations that we have to urgently stop the music and focus on other sounds, it is sometimes really difficult to do it fast. If we are using a laptop to listen to music, we have to find the mute or pause button and then push it with our hands – which takes much more attention (sight, physical) and time. When we watching TV or listening to music through a smartphone, it will be similar.

General Solution

Thus, I decided to use gesture control to stop the music quickly and urgently. By raising a hand and making a fist, which I thought that it is intuitive for humans to stop something, users could pause the music. After it is paused, using the same gesture, they could play the music again.

Proof of Concept

In order to track the hand gestures, I used the Leap Motion sensor. It is really easy to pause and play music using simple gestures. I wanted to design new types of gestures to make the gesture interaction more natural and intuitive. However, other than the created database of hand gestures, it seems like it requires to create my own database, which was challenging to me.

Codes & Video



Hi, I am a Master of Design candidate in an Interaction design program. I have an industrial design background.

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