Class Notes: 4 November, 2019

Sound sources

Please watch the shorter ones, I linked to a couple of > 1 hour sources for future reference.

Experimental / avant-garde sound

Mark Applebaum’s experimental instruments and scoring.

Nikoli Voinov who composed music by drawing on paper, creating animation that made sound.

Musique concrete using early technology to record and modify sound, including the original soundtrack to “Doctor Who”.  Some great examples of recording found sound and reusing it for music.

Avant-garde and futurism is a rather wide grouping, like saying “rock” or “country”:

Using street technology to change and create new genres of music.  Entertainment and environmental sounds can come from other contexts with the use of equipment to record, store, modify, and replay.

Turntables used to create hip hop and the 1.5 hour documentary.

The Orchestral Hit

The Amen Break

Genre conflation

This is a counter to sampling and using electronics to invent new music.  Instruments from one style of music are used to perform a style of music from a completely unrelated genre.  My favorite example is “pirate metal” or the band Orkestra Obsolete playing famous pop music.

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