A Visceral Alarm Using Kinetic Sound


In today’s world, there are many carefully considered alarm tones that are designed to be played from mobile phones or other speakers in order to wake users up slowly and gradually. However, some people are such deep sleepers that these alarms have no effect; and something much stronger and more visceral is required.

Proposed Solution

With this project, I sought to create a visceral sound using kinetic output that is both loud and jarring enough to wake even the deepest of sleepers. To do this, I drew on my own experiences with balloons; and how when they pop, everyone in the room is stunned into silence. Using a servo motor with a connected pin as the actuator, I also integrated a timer and a start button using a simple potentiometer and a push button. Using these things, users are able to set a timer that terminates in the loud popping of a balloon.

Proof of Concept

Arduino Code and Fritzing Sketch

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