Assignment 8: Recognizing gestures for traffic safety


I kept working on the Leap motion sensor for this week, too. The problem that I focused on was recognizing hand signals for transportation. When a road reconstruction is going on or a traffic accident happens, it is usual that normal people or police officers temporally control the traffic on the road. However, it is very dangerous that it causes additional accidents because sometimes it is difficult to notice signals from a far distance.

General Solution

I came up with multi-sensory feedback (for this assignment, auditory feedback) of hand signals on the road. The device that is attached to the front of a car could read the gestures of people on the road and make different sounds according to the signals. Thus, a driver could notice the gesture much precisely as well as easier and fast. I believe this system could help to prevent accidents in advance. Also, it could be attached to the autonomous car as well and the car could automatically read and react to the signals.

Proof of Concept

Because of the limited options in SDKs, I could just implement pinch and fist gestures to make sounds. For the fist gesture, I used two different sounds according to the time – the first fist and the second fist gestures sound differently. I thought that hand signals could be a series of movements, and this feature could also read them and make different sounds.

Video & Codes





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