Assignment 7: Smart Weight


For gym enthusiasts lifting heavy weights, bad form can result in weeks off from the gym. However, injuries are not always instant and even the slightest odd angle in a squat, repeated over time, can result in debilitating pain.


A smart weight that “talks” to the user, using sound, would be ideal to help correct lifting form. Gyroscopic sensors that detect movement, angle and altitude can be used for a variety of exercises to determine proper form. If the user’s form is off, the weight will speak to them, making a different sound for different aspects of form that are not correct.Proof of Concept

A gyroscope and microphone simulates a barbell weight. When the bar is tilted left, the pitch of the sound goes up, when the barbell is tilted right, the pitch goes down. A button is used to simulate grip, telling the system to begin recording accelerometer data.


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