everything is a musical instrument, just try not to eat it

What if every object in your home had a different pitch, and as you walk around and touch different things, you create a melody? Everything in the space around you can become part of the musical instrument!

Wait what?!

This instrument takes in different inputs and uses them to trigger notes. Each object can be assigned a note, and whenever you touch that object, that note plays. Once the object is connected, you can assign and reassign any note you want to that object through a dial.

Each object creates a different note as you touch it.
  • 8 inputs to plug in your different objects.
  • 1 speaker to play the different notes.
  • 2 dials & a button to choose which object you want to change to which note.
Dial interface and how to set notes to different objects.

How does that even work…?

Here, I used an orange, a banana, a compass and my laptop case. You can use anything you want that can conduct electricity! In the case of the laptop case, or other non conductive objects, you can use something like thin conductive tape to conduct. Note at the end of the video, you can use the dials and the button to change a specific object’s assigned sound.

Code and Other Files

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