Assignment 8: Weather Notifier


People can often be unprepared for the days weather, and upon getting ready in the morning, they rarely check the weather until after getting dressed and ready. How can this process be made more efficient?


An emotional notification system that informs users of the weather using sound, vibration, and light would grab sleep-weary users attention, while communicating to them the types of clothing and gear that they would need for the day.

Proof of Concept

A solenoid, tactor, and servo would serve as indicators from weather and temperature.  Each will be paired with an led to further emotionally communicate the weather state. The solenoids led pulses twice, and then the solenoid strikes twice, simulating lightning and thunder. The tactor and its led “shivers” indicating cold weather. The servo slowly rocks back and forth, indicating warm weather.


Author: Warren Glasner

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