Independent Project

I initially wanted to create moveable textiles with weaving. The first sample I created was just a simple piece of cloth that I maneuvered so that the strings could be pulled to compress the warp together.

I originally had trouble coming up with a practical use for this piece of cloth, so I came up with a couple of ideas: face masks, bandages, clothes, and bags. I realized that face masks would not be very functional if the stretched out fabric had more holes and the bandages would be very difficult to implement with my materials. Inspired by Issey Miyake’s pleated bag, I decided to create a bag that would be able to compress and expand.

The woven bag had a very interesting texture and I like the I did enjoy how the bag scrunched up, but I wanted the bag to have a more dramatic change. Weaving was a long process, and the yarn is still quite tight when everything is woven together so there is not much room for compression, so I decided to use cloth and string to create a similar effect where the cloth has anchor points and strings that can be pulled.

With this idea, I made some sample pieces of cloth test out how the compression could result.

The way the strings all led to two common points made two lips on the sides of the bag, which I did not necessarily like. Also, I accidentally cut the anchor points when trying to clean up the edges of the fabric, so the strings actually pulled off the bag. I experimented with more ways to create lines, seeing how curves and angles would interact when compressed and observing the ease of pulling the string.

I decided to go with simple w shaped lines across the bag to create a lantern like shape.

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insta: @_ericafu

Independent Project Proposal – Erica

I would like to use the expandable cloth I created to make a tote bag that can become a purse. I was inspired by Issey Miyake’s pleated bags and I think that I can create a similar experience of a bag that moves according to the object inside it with my adjustable cloth.

I will probably create the straps with the extra string on the side so when the bag is a tote bag, the straps are longer, and when the bag is condensed, the strap is quite long. This matches with the conventional way bags are currently made so my goal would be to emulate both of those styles with one product.

Digital Repeat Pattern – Erica Final

I ended up using this digital repeat the represented the things around me in my life right now. All of my friends really love all these kinds of foods so I associate many people with the food displayed above. The first color way I used was more normal and highlighted the food in the front. The second color way uses more pastel colors that makes the food a little less appetizing but creates a very different tone.

I used vectors to create all of my drawings so I do not have intermediate sketches for them. However, figuring out how to use vector graphics and adjust shapes was very exciting and I hope to explore that more.

This print could be a blanket that I give to my friends within that friend group. Since we all associate each other with these foods, having matching blankets could be a very cute idea. Furthermore, this could be a wallpaper within a nursery since the print is more playful and child-like especially with the dinosaurs.

Independent Project – Erica Fu

This is something I made after the weaving unit, but I could explore the idea of an adjustable cloth more and make it into a usable product (not sure exactly what yet).

These are pleats I created to continue that idea of an adjustable or movable cloth, so I could potentially add color between the pleats to add an element of surprise.

Finally, I always wanted to try constructing a whole dress, and right now I am into the structured square neckline look.

Digital Repeat Pattern – Test Designs (Erica Fu)

My original design was inspired by china plates. I really enjoy the blue and white combination and wanted to experiment with variations of a very classic design. This image was something I found online and then edited within illustrator to create the patterns below.

  1. The green and brown combination was inspired by the similarity of the design to cabbages.
  2. The red and green combination was inspired by roses.
  3. The red, blue, and yellow combination was inspired by pop art.
  4. The blue and white combination was inspired by china pottery.

All of these were very fun to experiment with and I tried to add some different sizes of flowers to experiment with adding more to swatches.

I also made another vector illustration for fun.

Digital Repeat Pattern – Erica

This textile work caught my eye because of the colors and detailed patterns. I really enjoy the boldness of the colors, yet the subdued quality that the whole piece has as a whole. Furthermore, I found it interesting that this was actually an American or European textile, despite the clear asian inspiration with the subject matter and patterns.

This floral pattern with the pops of color was very eye catching and reminded me of the bold and subdued colors of the textile above. Also, as I look more at this piece, I notice more details in the print like the cameras and wires that I think make it even more interesting.

Encoded Cloth From the Future Final – Erica Fu

After spending a lot more time than expected on this project, I grew a new appreciation for any type of textile work. I understood how much time and patience was required for such projects, but the planning and vast understanding of different techniques required to make something neat and as intended is amazing.

I intended to essentially recreate the sketch above with textiles. Since I did not have yellow cloth, I stitched together many smaller pieces cut from around patterns of a blanket and some pieces of turmeric-dyed cloth. Furthermore, I had to do the same for the red cloth even though most of it is covered up now. For the smoke, I incorporated new textures by loosely stitching some thinner fabric to create more dimension. The fire and houses are embroidered on to provide more details and add a different type of movement.

If I were to do this project again, I would be more careful with not wrinkling the fabric at each step. The end result is not as neat as I hoped because I used too much tension when embroidering. Furthermore, I would have cut up the houses individually and stitched them together instead if I planned out the project better. I had a lot of fun making this piece and definitely grew to understand the appreciate the sewing machine more.

Encoded Cloth from the Future (100 ideas) – Erica Fu

  1. Wildfires blazing everywhere.
  2. Rising sea levels and flooding that causes society to create many high rise buildings.
  3. Improved transportation and super fancy vehicles
  4. Green buildings everywhere
  5. Civil war in America
  6. AR/VR takes over everyone’s lives
  7. Everyone is increasingly connected online and people from different countries with different languages can communicate with ease
  8. We will have traveled to the moon again
  9. There are humans on Mars
  10. Many endangered animals are extinct
  11. Holographic/see through phones
  12. Only virtual/remote learning
  13. No more Earth
  14. Magical diapers so toilets can cease to exist
  15. Autonomous vehicles
  16. Automated job selection
  17. Automated medical care
  18. Automated design work
  19. Automated banking and loan giving
  20. Robotic pets
  21. COVID-19 vaccine
  22. Cure for cancer
  23. CMU rank 1
  24. iPhone 22
  25. All of the content we see online is controlled by Facebook
  26. Brain controlled technology
  27. Commercially sold e-textiles
  28. Everyone becomes vegan
  29. Everything is reusable or made of recycled materials
  30. Actual hoverboards
  31. No need to the leave house to live
  32. New president
  33. Asia will have even more powerful
  34. All electric cars
  35. No cars at all
  36. Underwater travel through tunnels
  37. Deep sea exploration
  38. Deep space exploration
  39. 10G
  40. Commercial manipulation of human genes
  41. Effective wireless charging
  42. Long distance wireless charging
  43. Wireless appliances
  44. Wireless technology
  45. Development of solar energy
  46. Lack of 02 on Earth
  47. No more drinkable water
  48. Flooding
  49. No trees
  50. Atomic bomb war
  51. WWIII
  52. Dumping trash into space
  53. Fixing the overfull landfills
  54. Failing to fix overfull landfills, effectively overcrowding the earth with trash
  55. Overpopulation
  56. Thanos like population control
  57. Using eye/pupil identification
  58. Must identify yourself everywhere
  59. No privacy at all
  60. Humans cease to exist
  61. Depleted fossil fuels
  62. No more drinkable water
  63. New genetically modified super animals for consumption
  64. Teleportation
  65. Flying boots
  66. No more paper for writing
  67. No more plastic straws
  68. Good replacement for plastic straws
  69. Helper robots everywhere
  70. Chips in humans for tracking
  71. Drones to deliver packages
  72. Learning by downloading into your brain
  73. Decreased languages
  74. More racial mixing
  75. Ability to control the weather
  76. Automatically hot shower water
  77. Change in the American school system
  78. No standardized testing
  79. Revival of 2010 fashion
  80. The second coming
  81. Gold will be worthless
  82. Bitcoin will take over currency
  83. Instant charging of devices
  84. Useful google glasses
  85. Smart contact lenses
  86. Booster shoes for speed
  87. Cooking with AR
  88. AR meetings and calling
  89. AR learning for elementary school students
  90. Maximum efficiency motors and engines
  91. Unlimited free wifi
  92. No more food deserts
  93. No more poverty
  94. Peace among everyone
  95. Free college tuition
  96. Invention of true black materials (reflects 0 light)
  97. No more radio
  98. Unlimited storage on devices
  99. “Anti-pc-ness” movement
  100. No more cds

Encoded Cloth from the Future – Erica Fu

Recently there have been many wildfires in California and one time, the smoke completely covered the sky and made the sky completely yellow and the sun bright red. That day, it really looked like the world was ending. Although I genuinely hope that 2030 will be better, climate change and the lack of any type of efforts to mitigate it gives me reason to believe that wildfires and other natural disasters will only continue to rise. I decided to use the bright colors and high contrast with the purple smoke to demonstrate the intensity of these natural disasters and the red to convey a warning of this possible future.

Smart Textiles

Smart textiles are able to sense and respond to changes in their environment. They are also known as smart textiles or e-textiles. There are many emerging companies all around the world experimenting how we can implement technology into fabrics to create a more technologically advanced world.

Smart textiles are often used for aesthetic purposes. These smart textiles are primarily used in the fashion industry and usually light up or change color.

Smart textiles can also be used for performance enhancement, focusing on function over fashion. Using technology embedded in the fabrics, these textiles can regulate body temperature, reduce wind and water resistance, guard against radiation, minimize the effects of space travel, and control the vibration of muscles.

Smart textiles is a growing industry. Although few products have been successful in reaching consumers, with the increase of production and improvement of products, it will soon be a useful technology that can improve our health and safety and prove unique visuals and activities that were not possible before. I chose this topic because I am always interested in seeing how technology and art can intersect.