Independent Project Ideas – Rachel

1. Story Quilt of my life? of my time in college?

Throughout my life, I have collected part of places I have been to, whether in postcard form or a museum ticket, and I hang them up on my wall. What if I used that spirit and turned it into a story quilt of my life?

I am graduating in spring! So maybe it would be nice to make a quilt that will remind me of my five years here at CMU.

Wall in my second year apartment
Wall collecting parts of the past 2 years

2. Shibori Indigo Dyed or Embroidered Kimono

I enjoyed the indigo dye workshop we did, and want to try it at home. I would indigo dye cloth to sew together into a kimono. Or maybe an embroidered kimono?

Inspiration Kimono

3. More quilts made from recycled materials

A continuation of my quilt from the Encoded Cloth project, I would make another quilt from more recycled materials that I find

Final Project Brainstorm- Marissa

My three sketches are still very loose and undefined, but the gaps in design will be filled with meaningful symbols that connect me to my Mexican heritage. This course has given me the unique opportunity to explore chemistry through textiles, so I also want to turn this into a research project that allows me to test technical and cultural hypotheses. I am still unsure of the scale of this project, but I’m entertaining the idea of creating a single larger piece such as a quilt/poncho as well as creating a series of smaller wall-hanging pieces.

Three Ideas for Final Project – Annie

I want my final project to be embroidering a jean jacket, since I’ve really enjoyed embroidering and want to see what else I can do with it.

Idea 1: traditional Chinese symbolism/mythology (similar to encoded cloth)

Idea 2: exploring childhood, or specifically, studio ghibli since it had a large impact on me

Idea 3: some other design that I can throw LED/other electronics in, with hidden sensors that do interesting things when poked (eg. moon and fish light up when it gets dark, glowing flowers, space whale)