Jacky Tian-Looking Outwards 01

Looking Outwards 01 Bund Finance Center

Front view of Bund Finance Center in Shanghai, China.

In my hometown Shanghai, China, a new mixed-use complex called the Bund Finance Center has just finished its last construction phase. Designed by Norman Foster’s Architecture Firm and Thomas Heatherwick’s design studio, The Bund Finance Center becomes a new iconic figure for The Bund in Shanghai.

The goal of this building is combining elements from both traditional chinese theatre and the most advanced digital technology. This three stories tall building contains a curtain-like facade of bronze tubes that resonant the shape of bamboo. These bronze tubes are organized in three layers, creating a semi-transparent screen for the building. The facade, which many architects described it as “a moving veil”, can adapt and transform based on the use of the building, therefore, exposes the stage and balcony to the views towards Pudong.

As an architecture major student, I was inspired by the connection between architecture and digital technology. With the help of technology, this building is not static anymore. It becomes a living machine in which it can achieve functionality and aesthetic at the same time.

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