Sean Meng-Looking Outwards 01

Dynamic Tower, Dubai

As a architecture student, I’m always interested in exploring the cross area between art and technology. And some buildings are the perfect combination of these two area. This building is called Dynamic Tower in Dubai and it is designed by David Fisher and his firm. This skyscraper is 1378 feet tall and has 80 floors. The architect intended to let the building “dance” by designing each floor to rotate a maximum of 6 meters per minute, or one full rotation in 180 minutes. What is really fascinating for me is how the architect challenges the traditional perspective that buildings should be solid and still and brings life to the architecture by applying technology. It inspires me to think about how technology and make architecture artful and attractive other than just plain boxes. However, the building took longer time to be finished than expectation due to the enormous amount of efforts and budget required.



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