Apparatum, a project created by panGenerator, is an “apparatus” that allows a user to create analog sounds via a digital interface. It’s a callback to one of the first studios to create analog sound, the Polish Radio Experimental Studio. With a description in words, the machine sounds completely unattractive; however, seeing Apparatum and hearing the sounds it produces will give you a completely different sense. The appearance is interesting, the interface is simple (albeit a little abstract), and the sounds are amazingly diverse.

The generation of the sounds, or rather, the movement of the parts in the apparatus are controlled in length by choosing the corresponding widget and elongating its width. The algorithms for this would probably track the width of the widget and translate that to a certain length of time to move the part associated with the widget. While not the most advanced, even useful, application, there is a clear and close relationship between the user’s digital input and Apparatum’s analog output.

Apparatum Project

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