Alexandra Kaplan – Looking Outwards -04


A piece of sound art that stood out to me was Lines which was created in 2016 by composer Anders Lind. The installation is a series of lines on the floor, walls, and hanging down from the ceiling that can be interacted with by the audience to make different pitched sounds. I was really drawn to how participatory the piece is, I love it when art is accessible to its audience and promotes discovery in its viewers. It is also great in how it can be a group experience with people creating music together as well as a solo one.

I would think that the algorithm for this piece would use motion sensors to determine how far away an obstruction is and to play a certain pitch/tempo per distance.


Demonstrating part of the installation


Another part of the installation, this time activated by walking
Posts can be put down to make multiple notes at once even with just one person
This part of the installation is activated by how far up and down you are from the sensors.
A group of children plays with the installation


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