Yingying Yan- Looking Outwards-6

An example of showing pattern within random generation

Coding Architecture: Randomness project is an assignment from Rhode Island School of Design. The project I found interesting is not named, nor is not part of the author’s portfolio anymore. Yet, Daejeong Kim uses algorithms to draw sets of lines in a random but systematic way.

The direction is being controlled

For instance, she used two random number set: A and B and centered at random (A, B) to create a drawing with random lines. Due to the algorithm, the lines together form patterns showing density and directionality. It is also interesting to read the product as a animation and see the changes that are generated by the random numbers. This project caught my attention. Because among all the other project, it uses randomness to result in a non-random form.

random fill converted-superhigh from Coding Architecture on Vimeo.

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