I will be reviewing Veronica Wang’s project review of Intr(e)Scapes, a landscape installation piece that can sense and react to visitors’ movement with reactive LED-based animations. Built in 2015 by SHO Architecture, Intr(e)Scapes is an installation that takes advantage of natural elements. I personally enjoy the project greatly. As someone who grew up in a crowded city without a lot of nature, this project was the perfect combination of both the natural and human-generated. I personally think it would fit great in where I grew up. As for Veronica’s analysis of the project, I think she did a stellar job. I could not agree with her more in her interpretation of the analysis as playful, tangible, and sensorial in effect. In fact, there is little to none that I disagree with as I think she’s done a neutral analysis that keeps to the facts. The one comment that I have of the project, overall, is that I think it would have been nice to incorporate further natural elements. The project uses artificial stalks that attempt to mimic natural grass and I would have thought it be more interesting if more natural elements were incorporated-perhaps real grass.

A video of the project installed in Georgetown (2015).


 Installation view in Georgetown.

An image of the project on site at Georgetown’s Business Improvement GLOW conference.

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