Elena Deng-Looking Outwards 10

Cloud Vessels

This week, I looked at the Cloud Vessels by Nova Jiang from 2012. I chose this artist out of the list because it’s generally difficult to find a female artist of asian descent mentioned in a list of installation artists. Cloud Vessels itself peaked my interest because it seemed like a project involving environmental awareness as well as aesthetics. The project itself was developed and utilized in Los Lunas, New Mexico where water may be scarce. The form of the vessel was based on the cloud forms that pass over the site. Over time, water gathers from the environment through the process of condensation.
Users drinking out of the Cloud Vessel

Cloud Vessel in the desert collecting water.

The artist herself focuses on the human senses of touch as well as encouraging the creative participation of the audience. She has a masters in media design from UCLA and currently lives in Los Angeles.

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