Looking Outwards – 10

Link: Production of bio-fuel through photosynthesis by algae located in Lille, France on October 2013.

From the Energy Futures project in 2012, the Algae Curtain was a part of the Living Laboratory. Materials used for this project includes: clear tubing, silicon casts, cultures of algae (specifically Nannochloropsis), nutrients for the algae, electronics and pumps, and lighting. The tubes are weaved into drapes suspended from the windows and algae is pumped inside the textile, where it performs photosynthesis to produce a bio-fuel for local use. This structure provides a permanent infrastructural support for the Future Fruits and it also formed micro-ecologies inside the plastic tubes. I find this project really unique because living organisms are integrated with a building’s structure and not only does it provide some sort of structural assistance, it could also provide fuel!

Wired Innovation Fellow, 2014

About Rachel Wingfield:
Rachel is a researcher, educator, and a designer who trained at the Royal College of Art. She specializes and studies living environments and their responses to the environments. She likes to explore emerging technological and biological futures by integrating technology, space, and living materials to create unique environments and experiences. Her past works not only showcases a new role for designers to innovate and intervene at an urban scale, but they also offered collaborative tools for public engagement activities/practices.

Other works by Studio Loop.pH:
Loop.pH is a studio based in London that experiments across the fields of the sciences, architecture, and design. This studio was founded so that people are able to create visionary experiences that can help them dream or re-imagine new visions for the future.

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