Julie Choi – Looking Outwards – 10

color mapping algorithm presented by Kate Hollenbach based on the information on Wikipedia.

This project is called Color Mapping Algorithm conducted by an artist/programmer, Kate Hollenbach. Hollenbach created this piece based on the information on Wikipedia using a program called, Chromogram. The program basically sequences big text data into visually appealing patterns and color blocks. Categorizing the number of edits made on the page and the number of article headlines, Hollenbach produces a set of color patterns to show the ratio of each relative activities. I admire this project because this is a very useful tool for visual people who are analyzing a large amount of data. Although Hollenbach focused on specific sections of information on Wikipedia, this concept can be applied to many different platforms.
Kate Hollenbach works to create and examine interactive systems and inventive technological forms of space commonly in the fields of digital devices. She has built herself as an interface designer and a product developer to be in the place that she is now. She was previously the Director of Design and Computation at Oblong Industries and collected her skills of leading designers and programmers to develop systems and interfaces that are mainly user oriented.

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