Shirley Chen-Looking Outwards 10

Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat are the founder and principal of Daily tous les jours(DTLJ). This design studio is best known for their work for the interactive public spaces, where the pedestrians are invited to join the interaction and communication with their environment and build up relationship between them.

For this project called Score, they turned the wide-opened parking lot in Bloomington, Minnesota to a playing field of large outdoor game. It is designed to question and challenge typical notions of competition; instead, it encourages collaboration and bonding relationship.  This project is really impressive for me because they use computational skills and design sensitivity to create a engaging, inviting, and interactive public space, changing and forming a more connective and interactive community. Through their design, the public can engage with the environment as well as other people.


People Playing “Score”

People Playing “Score”-Aerial View


DTLJ Website:

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