Jenni Lee—Looking Outwards—10

For this week’s looking outwards, I chose the artist Roz Dimon. Roz Dimon is a digital artist based in New York city. She studied in Italy and moved to New York in the early 80’s to begin working and training in digital media. She has been invited to teach various pioneering courses in digital art at various art universities. She enjoys mixing fine art with corporate design and communications. The work I chose of hers is a digital art series titled “Guns” in which she creates abstract, digital illustrations of guns consisted of mark-making and calligraphy. She states that the symbol of guns have been reoccuring throghout her pieces, and that this motif examines gun violence in America. I was particularly drawn to this not only because of the elegant and engaging visuals of the digital art, but I also felt that this subject matter was very relevant to current events, especially in light of recent events in Pittsburgh.

View the rest of the “guns” series here here

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