Xindi Lyu-Looking Outwards-10

Female Austrian artist Lia’s practice includes multiple medias, including videos, performance, software, sculpture, projections and digital applications. Her works combine traditional painting and drawing methods with the aesthetics of digital images. Since she started to produce her art works from 1995, she has been recognized a pioneer at software and net art. She uses code as her primary material of producing art works, which translates her concepts into a written structure that becomes a machine from which visual messages are generated real-time. This particular process could also be considered as a conversation between her as an artist and the “machine”.

Above is one of her projects “floralis digitalis”. The digital “flowers” are generated randomly and always looked different. This art piece not only consists of the dynamic nature of digital art but also has an elegance and truthfulness within. The way the flowers are generated by thin lines creates a sense of transparency and the color choices fit and communicated the theme of the project very well. As we watch LIA’s flowers sprouting and growing, we discover that beyond their beauty, sweetness, an their apparent banality, and their feminine nature.

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