Project 12-Project Proposal-Veronica

For the final project, I want to create an animation with a bit of interaction and sound effects. In my studio I am currently working on a thesis project dealing with the environment and cohabitation/negotiation of boundaries between human and more-than-human species, and creating installations for endangered species as well as synanthropic species to share urban space. I am inspired by the works of Joyce Hwang and Sarah Gunawan , and I want to create an animation that documents the vision of such installation projects and their impacts on our environment.

I have identified the green spaces along the MLK Jr. East busway in the Hill District, Pittsburgh, and I want to focus my animation on one scene and 3 different species of animals: bats, black throat warblers, and raccoons. The animation will show buses and trains pass by at a certain interval of time, and a key press will add an installation of an artificial “nest” for a certain type of animal. Initially the background sound will be city noises, and as the number of birds are added, the bird sound will get louder and city noises get quieter. Below is a rough sketch of my ideas.


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