Min Jun Kim- Project 12 Proposal

A simple draft of the first two stages of our game.

I am using my first grace day for this post.
For this semester’s project proposal, I’ve decided to work together with Han Yu from the same class on a simple generative video game. We decided to work on a spaceship game inspired by Gradius, where numerous spaceship enemies appear to attack the main protagonist. For our version of this project, we are going to be incorporating three rounds of fighting. The first two will have various enemies that appear in random but also planned times, and the last round will consist of a boss character which will be a black hole. In the last round, the character will constantly be gravitationally pulled toward the enemy while being attacked by missiles and laser shots. The stages will be determined by how many enemy spaceships the user destroys, and the boss will have a health-bar to show how far the user is from winning the game. In the end, the user’s spaceship will do a simple celebratory dance, and a caption that says, “You saved the Universe!” I think that this project will be difficult in that there will be at least 4 objects used- Stage1 Enemies, Stage2 Enemies, and Boss, and projectiles. I think figuring out the logistics of dealing damage will be the most difficult part of this project.

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