Liz Maday Final Project

Liz Maday’s Virtual Instrument

emaday sketch copy

I am providing a zip file containing all the files involved in this project, available here: zip file .

There were too many files for the project to run adequately on word press. In order to run this program, the provided zip file must be downloaded, and a local server must be set up using either terminal in OSX or a command window in Windows. This would be accomplished by changing the directory to the file named Elizabeth Maday Final Project, and then typing in “python -m SimpleHTTPServer” or “python -m http.server”. Then the project can be viewed with the URL http://localhost:8000.

Sometimes this project seems to run better on Firefox than on Chrome.

This project was enjoyable to complete because it gave me an idea of what I might like to use p5 for in the future. I am interested in learning more about music technology and experimental methods of producing music, and I believe that p5 could be a great creative outlet.

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