LO-04-Sound Art

The Weather Thingy is a custom built device that translates weather information into sound. I think this is a very crucial piece to have in this time and age to remind us of the importance of the climate. I think it is very innovative how they turned the climate into sound. While we can feel the climate through all of our senses, I feel that the auditory senses feel the least; therefore, it is important to give the auditory senses. There are also amplifier adjustments that allow the user to adjust how calm or violent it perceives the climate. I feel that the system randomizes how they perceive sounds and offset certain qualities and turn them into sounds. By rescripting nature, the artists have the ability to convey how they perceive nature and share it with others.

LO-05-3D Graphics


Andreas Wannerstedt creates aesthetically pleasing projects that show motions of simple geometric shapes. Wannerstedt renders relationships between different geometric shapes through motion, often showing perfectly fitted geometric relationships. The motion in the 3D environment he created appears seamlessly. The environment and relationships are often set up in a way that allows Wannerstedt to loop the footage. The end result is a footage that feels a little bit like an illusion because of how seamless all the relationships and transitions are. Wannerstedt also frequently includes elements of nature in his work to allow his work to feel more realistic. These natural elements also act as a device for Wannerstedt to provide the audience with a sense of scale for his project. A large portion of his work are simply for entertainment and self development, but this skill set is also applicable to professional endeavors. He recently did an advertisement for Adidas. His work always comes with sound to either set the atmosphere or provide even more information on the relationships between the geometric shapes. These sounds are often indicators of the material and the impact of the motions.