Looking Outwards: 08

Meow Wolf Lecture from Eyeo Festival (2019)

Meow Wolf is an artist collective based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The collective contains hundreds of members who work together to create large-scale, elaborate art installations. The two representatives of Meow Wolf at the 2019 Eyeo Festival, (Danny Bazo and Conor Peterson) studied various intersections of art and computers in college. For example, Peterson studied an Experimental Computer Art program at the University of New Mexico. However, many of the artists in the collective are architects, designers, writers, painters, etc.

Meow Wolf’s body of work consists of collectively designed and assembled installations that are themed around the existence of multiverses. I admire the way they work collectively, synthesizing each artist in the collective’s unique style and making it work with the piece at large. I admire these aspects of the collective’s work because it allows for a balance between individual expression and collective cohesion. My favorite project of theirs is the House of Eternal Return because it uses the frame of a banal American home and juxtaposes it against these fantastical, otherworldly realms.

Video of Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return

Meow Wolf presents their work using photos of their work, both in progress and complete, videos of the artists interacting with each other and working on the art, and through illustrative graphics. I’ve learned to include process a lot more in my presentations.

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