LO: The Creative Practice of an Individual

Christina “Phazero” Curlee is an anti-disciplinary artist that focuses on game level and narrative design. She has a traditional arts background and almost two (one and 3/4ths) of degrees in fine arts. She is started primarily as a painter and installation artist and began working with video games around 2015. It is inspiring that she is self-taught in game design, 3-D art, and programming. She combines the elements from fine arts with game elements to develop her own style of game. Her art practice focuses a lot on participation and design in which games really aid in those elements. I think it is amazing how she represents the minority in the game industry, especially when it is a very masculine driven industry. She reaches out to those who are afraid of their own works are valid in the game world. It is inspiring for me to see that type of representation as I also want to pursue something in game design. She has the ability to communicate with her audience well and speaks to them almost as a friend. She reinforces the idea that the game industry is very young and there’s so much more in the game frontier that has not been reached. There is no limit and anything can be valid.

Christina “Phazero” Curlee: http://christinazero.com/

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