We continued creating and testing the tube and string mechanism. We found that especially on larger tubes, the the string being was being pinched by the fabric, causing it to break. To remedy this, we switched to a lower friction fishing string.

We also experimented with different ways of interacting with the mechanism with Garth and Olivia, such as a slow growth from inside the tube, a slight reinversion during the growth process, a structural collapse of the inflated tube, and a spiral contraction of the tube.

To create a structure that stands on its own, we used a cardboard box to house the fan and hold the tubes in place. Although this worked decently well, the tubes do not always stay completely upright when the strings are pulled and would need some additional structure.

When the brass players came to class today, I experimented with Carmyn to create a trombone tube duet effect.

We also came up with a game plan for the creating the final structure but were not able to fully execute it yet.