Sophie Chen-Looking Outward 01

RELOOP –  La Mercè Festival in Barcelona (2016)

“Reloop” is an interactive installation that allowed the audience to compose the audio and generate the video content that was being projected onto the Castell dels Tres Dragons (Castle of the Three Dragons) in Barcelona with an armband device, a laser, and a projector. The audience is in control by activating different video loops and sounds with their hand motions/gestures.

A brief but comprehensive video that captured the installation.

I think it’s impressive that this is a large scale installation and yet it’s still able to create meaningful interactions with every individual. Pre-programmed, synchronized wristbands are already widely popular and common at concerts. The Myo armbands used in this installation have great potential for being used at music festivals, concerts, and other large-scale events and get the audience even more involved. If the creators of this project did this installation in different locations, it will create completely different experiences (ex: an enclosed room would make it more immersive, a narrow hallway would create a linear progression/journey, etc).

Myo armbands used in the installation.

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