Emily Zhou – Looking Outwards – 03

FLUIDIC – Sculpture in Motion is an art installation produced design studio WHITEvoid for the Hyundai Advanced Design Center.

Single phase of FLUIDIC – Sculpture in Motion

The project is intended to embody Hyundai’s adaptive and evolving design language; as tiny spheres act as randomly distributed molecules that aggregate and illuminate based on viewer interaction. I am inspired by the breadth of visual experience that is created by such a large collective small objects.

The work uses a water pond, 12,000 illuminated spheres, and 8 high-speed laser projectors to create a physical point cloud. A computer algorithm randomizes the arrangement of the cloud particles based on the positions and projection angles of the projectors. The program also analyzes the positions of the viewers by calculating their posture and gestures using 3D camera tracking systems. This data is used to determine the cloud’s dynamic motion.

Video documentation of the FLUIDIC – Sculpture in Motion installation; shows viewer interaction and reaction.

The artwork is an innovative example of parametric 3D fabrication that I particularly admire for its ability to account for viewer interaction in its algorithm.

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