Jisoo Geum – Looking Outwards 05 – 3D Computer Graphics


By Lucy Hardcastle

work: https://lucyhardcastle-thefifthsense.i-d.co/en_gb/

Intangible Matter is a browser-based interactive motion graphic created by Lucy Hardcastle, which recreates a visceral experience of the Chanel perfume No.5 L’Eau.

For this particular project, Hardcastle collaborated with web/content developers, sound artists, and animators who work with software such as Javascript, Maya, Adobe programs, and etc. What I admire the most about this project is its full utilization of every possible artistic element in the creation of the final browser. The web form allows people to interact with the content physically, while visually engaging them with grandeur motion graphics. In addition, the sound embedded in every theme brings the audience even further to the experience. While Hardcastle’s artistic sensibilities are best represented in the visual rendering of texture and intangible experiences, I believe that the interactive feature of the final art form – how users have to click and complete every task to move further – works as a powerful element that makes this project unique.

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