ChristineSeo- Looking Outwards – 07

A physical simulation was used to control organically moving lines and curves.
Abstract geometric shapes visualize raw sensor data without the involvement of humans.
Geometric textures form the baseline for reflections on the car’s beautiful surface.

Studio NAND wanted to capture the experience of driving through data visualization with light and motion. They used realtime video production to interact cars and humans together by projecting onto walls. They used speed, acceleration, heart rate, and sound to create textures, patterns and dynamic shapes to visualize the data. The installation was originally for Infinity, as they wanted to visually replicate the experience in the car: they wanted to focus on design and technology in order to communicate in meaningful and engaging ways. Studio NAND work with different teams in design and production to work with various clients and inventions.

I think it is very intriguing how the project shows something that are usually not visually represented. Experience is something that requires practical contact and encounter with the specific observation of the event. However, Studio NAND was able to take a step further to visualize the data into a beautiful artwork. I also think the interaction between humans are cars are interesting too, as humans have to drive the car in order for it to work; and having them interact physically through data (such as hear rate and acceleration) is very fascinating. However, I wish that instead of only two walls being used to protrude the data, there were more (front and back) to capture a greater sense of the experience. The project not only reaches beyond the expectations of the experience inside of the car, but also has a deeper meaning through the connection of technology and men.

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