Looking Outwards – 07 John Legelis

Ingrid Burrington is an artist/scientist from New York City and the creator of the book Networks of New York . This project involved surveying New York’s infrastructure and researching the different networks that make up all its components. The research was compiled into a book that beautifully displays to the reader the networks that make up New York City.


Manhole Depiction from Networks of New York

This manhole drawing is one of many described ports to the physical internet. This particular manhole is part of the Empire City Subway Network.

Ingrid likely discovered all this information by simply observing her surroundings and then inquiring with the right experts to gain further detailed information. I admire this project because of its thoroughness and its unique angle on everyday objects. Ingrid’s obviously technical background applied to the physical world creates an outcome that portrays the ordinary as excitingly interconnected.

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