Min Jun Kim- Looking Outwards 12

Wall Explorer A by Moka
D20160112B not as easy by David Mollinger

For this week’s looking outwards, I wanted to compare two projects that are generative in nature. One is called Wall Explorer A by an artist named Moka. I was very drawn to the bold and impactful drawing. And in a lot of sense, it reminded me of Pittsburgh. The premise of the artwork is that the artist drew certain items using software, then drew them again in real life using artist tape. I admire the fact that this project is very multifaceted, and uses creative resources to complete. Usually a lot of art is done on one medium, but by incorporating multiple sources, one can create what normally and usually can’t be done with extreme precision. I think creator could have improved upon this were he to use varying thickness of the tapes.

The other project that I admire a lot would be David Bollinger’s D20160112B. The project is a graphic illusion type of art that gives the impression of a 3d gaming background/map. I thought that this project was very interesting because it is able to portray such complex 3d structure in a simple and non-invasive way. Also it is very detailed and have no parts that defy the 3d space. I think the artist could have improved on this if he were to add other interesting elements such as trees and other landscapes like stones.

Link to Wall Expolorer A by Moka produced in 2011: http://mariuswatz.com/2011/03/11/wall-exploder-a/
Link to D20160112B not as easy by David Bollinger produced in 2016: https://www.flickr.com/photos/davebollinger/24252153771/

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