Final Project Proposal rrandell

For my final project I would like to make some sort of interactive art using the camera and possibly emotion recognition. I thought that the camera assignment was really interesting and totally rewarding as it was so different from the previous assignments. I was thinking that it may be interesting to make some interactive art when the person in the camera is smiling or frowning or making a face that is clearly some type of emotion. For example, really colorful fireworks when the person in the frame is smiling or raindrops when the person is frowning. I believe that I could make some really interesting forms that generate based off of the expression that a person has on their face and that it will be interesting to explore human emotion further with code. Some resources on this campus that may be able to help me with this may be a teacher at the School of Art, Angela Washko, who has a lot of experience in New Media art and may possibly be a good resource for researching this further.

below is a small sketch to demonstrate, apologies for the poor drawing skills!

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