Xiaoying Meng LookingOutwards 12


For the last Lookingoutwards, I’m looking at two projects by LIA and Beatrice Lartigue. The first project is Animal Imagination by LIA. This project uses images from nature and animals to generate abstract geometric patterns and colors. I admire this project because it uses simple geometries to represent the complex nature, creating a different form of art, a different kind of beauty. The second project is Z… by Beatrice Lartigue(only works on phones and tablets). Z… is an interactive project. The user controls the zipper to reveal the shape underneath. It is a neverending exploration and meditation. I admire this project because it is simple yet complex. It engages the user and creates a peaceful mood. Both projects use simple geometries and colors to create visuals, which is what I’d like to do for my final project too. I want to create something visually pleasing, complex yet simple.

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