Sewon Park – LO – 07

-Multiplicity by Moritz Stefaner

One information visualization project that I found most inspiring was Multiplicity by Moritz Stefaner. His machine learning algorithm conducts a full view of thousands of photos taken of Paris and organizes them through similarity in content and color. Such organization creates a massive mosaic composed of Paris’s favorite tourist spots, unvisited places, and the people of Paris.

I find this project inspiring as it used such advanced technology to really portray the culture of Paris. Through analyzing the myriad of photos taken by locals and tourists, it captures the beauty of the city. The project uses neural networks trained for image classification with t-sne mapping to find the optimal layout of similar images.

-layout configured through t-sne mapping

The artist proclaimed the focus of the project was on the visualization piece and the data-collection mechanics was merely a tool to facilitate the realization.

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