Nawon Choi— Project Proposal

For my project, I want to create a game inspired by a VR game called Blade Saber. This game will use p5.js’s WEBGL library and have 3D blocks that can be slashed using the player’s mouse.

Blocks will start at a far distance from the player and slowly get closer and closer. The player must slash the blocks before they reach the player. As the game advances, more blocks will come at an increasingly faster rate. Moreover, each block will have an arrow indicating which direction the player must “slash” in order to get the point. If they do not slash in the right direction, they will lose a life.

Ghalya Alsanea – Project – 12 – Proposal

I want to create a smart watch interface for someone with anxiety and panic disorder. I plan on using real-time biometric data from sensors and using the data to trigger and display things using p5.js. I have done projects before the use p5 serial communication, but my plan b is that is it does not work, then I will simply use button interactions in p5.js to trigger the different modes.

The watch has two modes: Normal Mode & Panic Mode.

Normal Mode includes a watch interface that displays the time and date, in addition to the sensor data in an artistic, data-visualization way (I am thinking something similar to a mood visualizer type of thing). The panic mode can be triggered through two ways: a panic button the user presses or sensor data that indicates the user is having a panic attack. In Panic Mode, the canvas cycles through the following anxiety relieving techniques:

  1. Deep Breathing Exercise: using calming graphics to help guide the user through a deep breathing exercise. I will use online resources to figure out how the breathing exercise need to be in order to work, like WebMed’s Techiques for deep breathing.
  2. Body Scan: using the body scan technique found here.
  3. Distraction/Game Technique: using a jigsaw puzzle or some sort of mind occupying game that reduces stress but still allow you to channel your overactive brain somewhere.
  4. 5 Senses Technique: using the 5 senses to ground you, as shown below:
This is a type of grounding technique to help bring you back to reality during a panic attack.

If all of the following techniques do not work, then this triggers a “call emergency contact” state, which calls someone you designated as a person to reach out to. For example, “calling your mom…”

The biometric sensors I am thinking of using are: a heart rate (PPG) sensor, a GSR sensor, and a respiratory rate sensor. The last one, I might not need, I am waiting to confirm with a specialist…

The photoplethysmography (PPG) circuit ascertains the user’s heart rate.
The galvanic skin response (GSR) circuit ascertains the user’s skin conductance level – a measurement loosely coupled with perspiration indicative of stressful conditions (in other words, the more stressed you are, the more you sweat).

Julia Nishizaki – Project 12 – Proposal

For my final project, I want to create an instrument of sorts that is based on the sounds around us, both sounds of nature as well as sounds related to machinery, technology, or man-made systems. I was thinking about Greta Thunberg’s speech at the French Parliament in July, and I realized that I’m really not familiar with the IPCC’s reports or the fact that in just 11 years we’ll reach some tipping points that we likely won’t be able to recover from. Through this project, I want to help visualize and create a more concrete image of what the future could look and sound like if we don’t change, in terms of animal and plant life, water levels, weather, and technology. Similar to, I want my instrument to have different sounds and visuals for each letter, so that as you type and your words appear on the screen, the landscape starts to scroll past, and forms like plants, animals, buildings, and cars start to populate it. However, when you press a key such as shift or the space bar, the landscape changes to a future where we didn’t actively try to combat climate change, and all the images and sounds your words create in this possible future reflect that.

Sketches and notes for final project proposal

Danny Cho – Final Project Proposal

I am currently making a space for an experience for people to feel wonder and playfulness by creating stars shooting them into the night sky. Below is the sketch. The touch screen part will be substituted with the clicking motion and I want to create additive features that are activated in various conditions in relation to distance between different stars and their locations.

Jacky Tian’s Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I’m going to design a “catch and run” game. There will be two “characters” in the game where one represents the cop and the other one represents the thief. Players need to use their mouseclick to control the movement of the “thief”. The mission of the “thief” is to collect all the coins floating in the canvas. There will be other elements such as bombs that can result in penalty if thief touches.


For my final proposal, I want to create a sound interactive project. There will be sound visualization for the main piece and mouse interactive parts that can control the pitch/volume etc. I will also make the changes to be perceivable in the visualization part. The geometry is not fully designed yet. I’ll have to experiment with the sound itself to decide the best way to deliver my project (possibly use the z-coordinate)

final project proposal

Cathy Dong-Project 12-Proposal

concept sketch

In the final project, I’ll be making a game that allows users to create their own De Stijl drawing. De Stijl uses abstract forms, such as vertical and horizontal compositions, and colors, such as black, and white, and prime colors. The project will be grid based and the users are able to choose grid complicity as needed. By clicking on the grids, they will be able to draw lines with various thickness and rectangle blocks with De Stijl colors. When the drawing is completed, they can hide the base grids with a simple key press.

Angela Lee – Project 12 – Final Project Proposal

(Using a grace day :))

For my final project, I plan on creating a short animation personifying the Earth (as Mother Earth) and, through her, showing an aspect of the climate crisis. For instance, I found the flood map for 2050 particularly sad, so I might show her losing land mass and being surrounded by rising levels of sea water. I want to personify the earth because I think that seeing the emotions on their face will inspire more empathy, and because I personally love playing with character illustrations. I am fascinated by different illustration styles, but for this project, I would love to explore a simple illustration style with an interesting color palette through the aesthetics of my project. I anticipate animating the water level to be a challenge to get it to look natural and convincing.

A sketch of what it might look like. I have to decide where to show the water level (up to her face, or just up to her neck, etc.) I’d like to play with strokes or even turtle graphics to show the water.

Austin Garcia – Project 12 – Final Project Proposal – Group C

I am and have always been interested in games, and have found myself understanding concepts in this class most easily though drawing connections to fundamental functions of various games I have played throughout my life. The particular strengths of P5.js that I have learned about clearly can work nicely toward creating a simple browser game, and that is what I intend to make. I would like to make a puzzle game, utilizing a geometry centered on the mouse that the player must move through a shifting maze in order to beat the game. I got the idea from an indie game that came out a while ago called ‘PUSS’. This game is remarkable both in its puzzle mechanics as well as visuals. I would love to explore both puzzle mechanics and visual style as it relates to a puzzle through this project and hopefully make something that is enjoyable to play.

final project proposal – ilona altman

sketch of the text changing placement over time / pages
Drawing of website in which the generative text is contained

For this final project, I would really like to work with generative text. I am interested in working with books that are already in the public domain, and instead of using my program to generate new text or rearrange old text, I want to use my program to specify where the letters should exist on the page. I would like the letter placement to reflect ecological data on the rising temperatures due to the climate crisis. I would like to create a reconstruction of a cultural artifact / book where ever page signifies another year into the future, and the letters y placement slowly increases according to the amount of degrees the temperature in the place that book was written will rise. I am interested in the fragility of human existence and human culture, and how all of human memory and collective history is threatened by the climate crisis.. I want to display this vulnerability with this modified version of a book.