Ian Kaneko – 12 – Proposal

Project sketch

For my final project I want to create wind chimes. They should be able to be pushed by the mouse and make sounds when they collide with each other. The individual chimes will be able to move and react independently to both the mouse and each other. They will be tuned to G, B, D, F#, A, C#, E because it makes a really pretty bright sound. The chimes should react realistically (swinging and losing momentum over time). Chimes will be able to hit each other and create sound without the mouse directly touching them. If I can get everything working, I would also like to find a way to make the amplitude of the sounds change depending on the velocity that the chimes were hit (this step is not going to be a priority though).

Mihika Bansal – Project 12 – Proposal

For the final project, I want to create an animation that changes based on the way that the user interacts with the screen. I want to specifically create ripples in water that mimic actual ripples in water.

I will also specifically work to create a strong flat graphic visualization with those, and create a strong graphic look. The ripples will form when the user clicks on the screen and ripple out a random amount, and depending on where the user clicks that spacing of the ripples will be different. The types of colors that the ripples form in will also depend on where the user clicks on the screen. These ripples will also fade out in the manner that ripples do in the water, based on a certain amount of time.

The background will also change slightly based on the position of the mouse, which will help create a different look.

Sketch of what the space looks like

Taisei Manheim – Project 12 – Final Project Proposal

This project will be done by Carly Sacco, Jai Sawker and I.  Our project proposal is a smart phone and on the screen there would be different apps.  You could click on the apps and they would each do different things. One of the apps would resemble snapchat and allow users to put a few filters on a picture of themselves (using the computer camera).  Another app would resemble spotify and allow user to choose different songs to play. There would also be an app that would resemble instagram and allow users to scroll through images and like certain photos.  The last app would be the clock app which would allow users to see the time.

Sketch of our proposed project.

Ellan Suder Project Proposal

Watchmen Motion Comic
The Accountant Motion Comic

For my final project I would like to do a motion/animated comic for a poem (perhaps the one below?) or some short story. The illustrations will be drawn by me and imported into the program from imgur. The viewer interacts with the comic by clicking.


The fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
Storyboard for poem (new frame for every line break)

Features I found interesting and wanted to use:

  1. Separately moving backgrounds and characters (motion parallax) give sense of depth.
  2. Character movement (maybe something like an arm waving or eyes moving).
  3. Blinking lights.
  4. Could add in sound effects but I’m more interested in the visuals

Emma NM-Project-12(Proposal)

For my final project, I want to create an interactive create your own spirograph! Spirographs change and look different based on two circle radii, so I want to let the user choose the different sizes of the circles to create different spirographs. I also plan on including other types of math equations that create cool looking designs. This way the user can have the choice of what math equation and then also be able to set the size of certain aspects to change the design. I will have buttons and key presses for the user to be able to choose what he/she wants. I also plan on letting them chose the color. I am interested in experimenting with shapes as the lines.

I would like to be able to have two different “screens.” One to show the user the size of the circles to help them visualize the choices they’re making, and the second one is actually drawing the design.

Lanna Lang – Project 12 – Final Project Proposal

When I first saw Patatap by Jono Brandel, I was in love with it – from the aesthetic visualizations to the jingle-like sounds. In my larger body of artwork, I discuss the topic of climate change and the environment numerously, so I wanted to find a way to combine the Patatap project with climate change. As I was researching climate crisis visualizations and graphs, the one I have attached below really caught my eye because of the way the map was created and how unique and creative it was. I want to take this aesthetic and use it to inspire the visualizations of my version of Patatap.

Connect4Climate’s Visualizing a Warmer World

How it will work is that first, the user will press the “enter” key to start, and then the user can press any arrow key to shift through different imagery. Every time the user presses the “enter” key after the first time, the color palette will change gradually from a very cool blue/purple/green scheme to a very warm magenta/red/orange/yellow theme to symbolize the global warming, and it will also change the “set” of sounds that the arrow keys will make (just the same as Patatap) except my set of sounds will gradually change from nature sounds (birds chirping, leaves rustling, etc) to industrial sounds and destruction of nature (factory sounds, technology sounds like trains whistling or cars honking, cracking of icebergs, etc). This project will utilize color, arrays and objects, keyboard interaction, sound, and maybe some mouse interaction too. I want the graphics that will display to also show some representation towards nature life or climate change-related, but not so blatant (as you can see in my sketch), so they still possess the Patatap’s graphic design aesthetic, but contains symbolism that nods toward the environment. How the graphics will interact with the gradual procession towards a “warmer world” is that for example, the seaweed-like graphic shown in my sketch will at first draw from bottom-up of the canvas, but when the background color becomes a warm tone, the seaweed will start to draw from the top-down to symbolize the corals shrinking and destroyed reefs.

My sketch of just some example graphics I will most likely use.

Caroline Song – Project 12 – Final Project Proposal

Throughout this entire class, I was most intrigued when learning about sound and how to incorporate sound as another element in p5js. I found the interactions between sound and our visuals we were creating to be fascinating and that is what I wanted to focus on in my final project.

And so, for my final project, I want to create an interactive piano (possibly incorporating about an octave and a half). Within this piano, when the user presses on a certain key, a specific note will play, and the user can create a song. From there, I also wanted a feature of having music notes come out of the mouse when it clicks on the keys and for the keys itself to darken to a different color to signal that it has been pressed.

Furthermore, I also thought about incorporating another element of being able to press a key down and the piano being able to show the user on perhaps the upper left corner of the canvas, the name of the note they pressed on exactly. The purpose of this project is to create an educational game for young children who perhaps want to start learning how to play the piano with this beginner level introduction. The piece will give them positive feedback as they press different notes and also have an element of intrigue with the music notes when they press on the keys. The canvas being able to show the user the note they are playing is part of the educational aspect of the piece so that the user will be able to understand what notes they are playing on the piano and further their comfortability in learning a new instrument with this exposure and beginning steps.

Sketch of final project proposal

Siwei Xie – Final Project Proposal

Sketch of “drawing pad”

For my final project, I’ve decided to create an “Interactive drawing pad.” Basically, users can click on the buttons on the left to select different backgrounds, brushes and add more special effects. The pad will have the following functions for users to create their own paintings.

  1. Change background:
    • basic function: change into pure colors
    • advanced: use patterned background (I will refer to wallpaper, nested loop, use sin and cos to make curves, turtle pattern, etc.)
  2. Change type of brush:
    • basic “pencil” function:change stroke width and color by pressing “L” (large) / “S” (small) / “R” (red) / “B” (blue) / “Y” (yellow)
    • special brush 1: Chinese brush (I will refer to mouse dragging function)
    • special brush 2: zigzags (random lines)
    • special brush 3: make new balls (objects function)
    • special brush 4: change into a flower and record traces of movements
  3. Add randomness:
    • add random stars at night (tie making of random spot with seconds),
    • add colorful balls (add moving particles),
    • * moving mountains (make terrain animation),
  4. Add other shapes:
    • moving star (make a star that’s changing shape randomly),
    • rotating rectangles (rotate and translate rectangles)
    • (press “space” to delete the shape created)