Mihika Bansal – Project 12 – Proposal

For the final project, I want to create an animation that changes based on the way that the user interacts with the screen. I want to specifically create ripples in water that mimic actual ripples in water.

I will also specifically work to create a strong flat graphic visualization with those, and create a strong graphic look. The ripples will form when the user clicks on the screen and ripple out a random amount, and depending on where the user clicks that spacing of the ripples will be different. The types of colors that the ripples form in will also depend on where the user clicks on the screen. These ripples will also fade out in the manner that ripples do in the water, based on a certain amount of time.

The background will also change slightly based on the position of the mouse, which will help create a different look.

Sketch of what the space looks like

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