Caroline Song – Project 12 – Final Project Proposal

Throughout this entire class, I was most intrigued when learning about sound and how to incorporate sound as another element in p5js. I found the interactions between sound and our visuals we were creating to be fascinating and that is what I wanted to focus on in my final project.

And so, for my final project, I want to create an interactive piano (possibly incorporating about an octave and a half). Within this piano, when the user presses on a certain key, a specific note will play, and the user can create a song. From there, I also wanted a feature of having music notes come out of the mouse when it clicks on the keys and for the keys itself to darken to a different color to signal that it has been pressed.

Furthermore, I also thought about incorporating another element of being able to press a key down and the piano being able to show the user on perhaps the upper left corner of the canvas, the name of the note they pressed on exactly. The purpose of this project is to create an educational game for young children who perhaps want to start learning how to play the piano with this beginner level introduction. The piece will give them positive feedback as they press different notes and also have an element of intrigue with the music notes when they press on the keys. The canvas being able to show the user the note they are playing is part of the educational aspect of the piece so that the user will be able to understand what notes they are playing on the piano and further their comfortability in learning a new instrument with this exposure and beginning steps.

Sketch of final project proposal

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