Emma NM-Project-12(Proposal)

For my final project, I want to create an interactive create your own spirograph! Spirographs change and look different based on two circle radii, so I want to let the user choose the different sizes of the circles to create different spirographs. I also plan on including other types of math equations that create cool looking designs. This way the user can have the choice of what math equation and then also be able to set the size of certain aspects to change the design. I will have buttons and key presses for the user to be able to choose what he/she wants. I also plan on letting them chose the color. I am interested in experimenting with shapes as the lines.

I would like to be able to have two different “screens.” One to show the user the size of the circles to help them visualize the choices they’re making, and the second one is actually drawing the design.

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