looking outward – Ilona Altman – 09

I agree very much with Yoshi that this project is very beautiful and incredibly in they way it is effective for a specific user.  I think it is interesting how something so useful could also be formally beautiful, and that there would be a commercial incentive toward computer generated forms because of the ease in which they can be individualized.  It is interesting to me that the same forms which occur in nature can be used in the design process, and that there is a warmth inherent to structures that. Resemble natural forms.. I think it is beautiful that there is such a deep relationship between growing natural forms and a sort of. Geometry that unifies that which exists within nature. This makes me think about fractals and sacred geometry. 

I think it could have been interesting if the entire shoe, instead of just the sole, was constructed in this way… 

a video of the project, new. balance generated soles based on pressure distribution in the body
Yoshi’s response I was inspired by

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